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My task for this stage play was to create the illustration and design the poster and flyers, including the stickers as the merchandise. 

The illustration is based on all characters and objects from the script, made by the combination of hand-drawing and flat illustration.

Napoleon's Fantasy Adventures

One of the stage plays presented by Corny Chicken Theatre: 

The orangutan Napoleon is a scientist who had aspired to become Madame Curie since she was a child, but she was not good at getting along with others. It was not until the adoption of a terrier named Taco that she finally overcame her social anxiety.

However, Taco ran away from home one day. Napoleon had to leave home to retrieve Taco, and boarded the Oriental Express. On the train, he met the overlord of the banana industry ------ the baboon noblewoman and her chimpanzee bodyguard.  

At that moment, the adventure of Napoleon and Taco started... Napoleon finally moved from a small laboratory to a vast world.

Napoleon's Fantasy Adventures

Illustration.Graphic & Product Design


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