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Corny Chicken Theatre is a performing arts group that has been developing in Taiwan for 12 years. 

Why is it called "Corny Chicken"?
It comes from the English word "Imagine" (sounds like "Corny Chicken" in Chinese), it is a homophone with the meaning of "Imagine" as the starting point. This also represents the use of multilingual and multicultural drama in its long-term planning.

The members of the theater are students from various drama schools and artists with professional performance skills from all over the world, helping Corny Chicken achieve its goal of multilingualism and multiculturalism.

Corny Chicken Performance Collection Handbook

The customer is the theatre owner, she wanted to sort all their stage plays from 2003-2020 as a "Corny Chicken Performance Collection Handbook", the purpose of the handbook is to let the public view all the past work of Corny Chicken Theatre. 

The client is a theater owner. She wanted to organize all their stage plays from 2003 to 2020 into a "Corny Chicken Performance Handbook". The purpose of this handbook is to let the public see all the past works of Corny Chicken Theatre.

The handbook introduces the description of the stories, we used energetic colours to show the diversity of Corny Chicken.

Corny Chicken Theatre 2013-2019 Handbook

Book Design


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