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slimduet® provides alternative cost-saving roaming services in 80 countries/regions for global travelers. 
This is one of Taisys' co-brands, and the company is launching the GreenRoam Alliance initiative to overcome customer ownership risks, loss of revenue (ARPU) risks due to OTT disruption, price erosion, profit squeezing, and addressing net neutrality issues.
My role in this project is to design a package for a reusable SIM card kit. The main idea of ​​this product is to provide roaming services for travelers. This kit must be small, easy to travel, and easy to carry. 
The die-cut design of the paper cardholder has a slot for the SIM-eject pin, and the outer packaging is a small pocket where users can put the original SIM card into after the replacement.

slimduet Travel SIM card

Package Design


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