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The 3D Model

At the MVNO World Congress 2017, Taisys hoped participants could see their products. I made a set of 3D models of SIM cards and SIM Stickers, the scale size is 1:50.

The model was built by the 3D software tool - Fusion 360 from Autodesk.

About Taisys

Taisys Technologies Co., Ltd. is a global leader in providing mobile interconnection and vertical integration solutions that enable telecommunications, financial industries, and government organizations to expand innovative mobile services in a safe and convenient way.

Taisys’ slimduet® platform is the world’s first live ecosystem of consumer eSIM technology, enabling MNOs to capture revenue of the silent roamer market and implementation of global roaming service for MVNOs.  Mobile operators worldwide are adopting this platform to leverage its digitalized distribution network and interoperable service deployment.

Taisys at MVNO World Congress 2017

This project is an infographic and display design used by Taisys to participate in the 2017 MVNO World Congress, connecting the global MVNO community interested in the latest and most versatile support solutions.

We tried to find a color scheme that can stand out from the image of most traditional technology companies. It must be fresh and vibrant, but still have a sense of trust and credibility.

Taisys-18th Annual MVNOs World Congress

Exhibition Booth Design & 3D Model


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